TTP Translational Technology

We have developed a proprietary drug discovery engine called TTP Translational Technology® that we use to discover and develop novel therapeutics for major diseases. All of the drug candidates in our pipeline have been discovered using TTP Translational Technology®. TTP Translational Technology® is a highly automated and fully integrated drug discovery process, which translates genomic and proteomic data into safe and effective small molecule therapeutics in high throughput fashion, bypassing most of the classical requirements and bottlenecks in drug discovery. We have used our technology to discover and develop drugs for our own internal pipeline and in research collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The technology already has delivered clinical drug candidates against a wide range of biological targets including protein-protein interactions, receptor modulators, and enzyme inhibitors.

Our TTP Translational Technology® consists of three modules; TTPredict®, TTPSpace® and TTPScreen® that are totally integrated with an informatics system that captures data from each optimization cycle of the drug discovery process. This informatics system is built with a sophisticated architecture that supports various computing platforms, and provides automatic archiving and storage capabilities.

TTP Translational Technology® minimizes manual tasks, provides rapid lead discovery and optimization of novel clinical candidates, avoids prior art issues associated with leads pulled from classical sources and is capable of addressing the need and demand for complex, nontraditional biological targets such as protein-protein interactions. TTP Translational Technology® realizes higher success rates in the development phase of compounds selected versus compounds discovered traditionally.